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We are a professional team highly experienced and engaged in the design development as well as souvenir and printing products' creation.
Our goal is to implement the most out-of-the-box ideas into an advertising product, having maintained an aesthetic enjoyment, high quality and top-class work service.
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our professional mission

In an age when the world's leading players are information and money, we are creating a brand-new business space, having gathered a team of professionals able and willing to cultivate their talents, perform, develop their professional skills and, due to their uniqueness,
to achieve a genuine financial prosperity.

Our mission is to convey and anthem the beauty and joy to people,
while being passionate about the product created by us!

Our social mission

Maintain the culture of systemic charity in Ukraine.
We are very grateful to Charity foundation Tabletochki for giving the joy of being engaged
with help to сancer care children.

our advantages

of the turn-key ready
advertising projects
of the products
and client support service

Our clients

The PromoSolution team is made up of the best self-organized professionals who always keep up with the quality of the work being executed, making allowance for what their clients want to get as the work is done. All the souvenir and promo products developed and manufactured by us together with PromoSolution, having evoked and continue to arouse admiration in a number of clients! Thanks to the PromoSolution team for classy and creative projects!
Olga Kobzar Brand-Manager «Unipharm»
High quality printing services are difficult to be surprised of now, however the "PromoSolution" do can. In doing so, I am always guided by the principle of "surprise and remember". I was glad to find PromoSolution, a team of creative professionals who can easily touch up your idea or offer a ready-made wow version. And what is quite important nowadays, it is time needed for the work to be done and its QUALITY! In my opinion, "PromoSolution" is second to none! Thank you for your cooperation!
Elmira AbdulkafarovaMarketing specialist SE «Stada –Ukraine»
The company may be appreciated by its employees and it is worth mentioning that it is one of the best companies I have been worked with for the last 10 years.
Aleksandr Khmel Manager of the Markering department (prescription products No.2) PJSC “Pharmak”
The most important factor for successful cooperation is the synthesis of professionalism and emotional comfort provided by customer focus. When your idea is successfully brought to life through understanding, involvement, responsibility and true taste on the part of the agency, you get fantastic pleasure. It is the merit of people who put their heart and soul into what they do. I am very glad that for several years I have a team which I can 100% trust. Thank you!
Tatiana Romashova Marketing manager XANTIS PHARMA
I've been working with the PromoSolution team quite recently. In the course of our collaboration there is always a quick and unique solution to the trickiest and urgent request of any whimsical customer. The PromoSolution team is always quick, easy and free to create the same desired solution that the team has been working together on. And that's what only professionals can do. Enjoy an easy and creative work for you, colleagues!
Alla Kovaleva Product manager at LLC «Asino Ukraine»
During the whole period of our work we have received various tasks. And no matter how "impossible-to-be-done" they were, I have never heard "it won't work". The work is always in time, preserving the highest level of quality that exceeds expectations!
Daniil Semenov Brand-manager of the therapeutic BU LLC «Asino Ukraine»
While collaborating with the РromoSolution, I have implemented a number of interesting projects. The reasons why I choose the company are as follows: - creative design insight and approach. The designers do care not only about the tasks to be done, but provide us with the tips how to make our project be better and more sophisticated. - project implementation speed: the managers at РromoSolution always carry out their work operatively, maintaining high level of quality. They also manage to fulfill a pressing order as soon as possible. - cost/quality ratio. The company's managers do fulfill their obligations and manage the projects in a quite responsible and caring way. That is why I recommend PromoSolution as a reliable partner for the most ambitious promotional material projects.
Nataliia Klochko Product manager SUIP LLC «SPERKO UKRAINE»
SUIP LLC «SPERKO UKRAINE» appreciate the work being carried out by the РromoSolution team for the provision of high quality services. While collaborating with the РromoSolution, we have experienced their professional attitude towards all the processes under execution. The company’s workstyle is distinguished by the creative insight and accuracy of the work to be done. Taking into account our positive experience of collaboration, we recommend РromoSolution as a reliable partner able to efficiently implement all the tasks required and guarantees high level of professionalism. We wish the РromoSolution team to achieve great success, dynamic development and stability.
Anna Korzhik Marketing department specialist SUIP LLC «SPERKO UKRAINE»
I would like to share my experience with PromoSolution in the field of creating an image for a launch drug and design of promotional products. It should be noted that, unlike other companies, she very quickly found a common language and understanding with Marina and with design specialist Irina. The interaction throughout the entire material development process took place in a very constructive way. Despite the frequent adjustments to the content on my part, Irina always reacted calmly, kindly, promptly, understanding all my requests. The result made me very happy. I consider these materials to be one of the best in design among previously created. The execution of documents was completed on time and in line with the promised deadlines, which allowed us not to disrupt the use of the budget and payment plan. I hope for further cooperation. To perform the following tasks in this area I plan to turn first to the PromoSolution.
Olga GalileyskayaMarketing consultant (prescription department) PJSC «Pharmak»
I am quite a loyal customer of the company since I frequently use its services. I have been very satisfied with the quality, efficiency and creative approaches applied. Besides, there were cases when everything should have been done «by yesterday», however the team made it without any stress or problems. Quite a reliable and time proved partner.
Vitaliy Bilyi Product Manager of the Marketing department (prescription products No.2) at the PJSC “Pharmak”
I have been cooperating with the РromoSolution for more than 6 years. The team is always able to carry out any necessary tasks maintaining the high level of quality, being strict to the deadlines; they are able to comprehend the client's requirements, providing the latter with a number of options. The designers are indeed professionals of their craft. The best printing ever. Everything is done by the terms being specified. Elena, director's assistance, is a unique working capital. I even do not have a notion of what I want to get, while Elena is already prepared to provide me with a number of options. It is genuine pleasure to work with such a team. Thank you for being professional.
Oksana Dovzhenko Marketing department assistant Representative office of the «EGIS FARMACEUTICALS PLS»
I want to thank the PromoSolution team for their work. Most often I communicate with the company's designers concerning just a routine question. I catch myself thinking that I admire their professional and patient attitude towards customer requests, which can often be "abstract". For all the time of work with the company all the tasks have been fulfilled in the best way and within the agreed terms. Nowadays, it is very valuable to be able to work with people who do hear you and understand you.
Olga Matskiv Product manager Representative office of the «EGIS FARMACUETICALS PLS»
I am glad to work with PromoSolution. Marina puts her soul into her work. She is always aware of any possible risks and challenges. She will think over the nuances. A professional you can rely on. I am still amazed by the speed at which the quality work is being done! Thank you and your team.
Mariia Vasianovych Junior product manager LLC «Asino Ukraine»
As for the work of the PromoSolution team, I can say that communication is easy and productive. Edits to materials are made quickly, there are no complaints regarding printing, everything is within deadlines. The perfect partner for your company's marketing needs.
Andrei Lebeda Product Manager prescription medicine Boehringer Ingelheim RCV GmbH & Co KG
The Asino Ukraine company would like to thank PromoSolution's staff for their professionalism and prompt approach to work! During the period of cooperation, the advertising agency has proved to be a reliable and stable partner that fulfills all required obligations, maintaining high quality and in time.
Sincerely yours, Registration department (Ukraine)
I am glad to work with the РromoSolution team as their work is just flawless. They always to abide by the deadlines, maintaining the high level of professionalism! The designers, while carrying out their work, always do care of any miniscule detail, measuring everything to a pixel, having tried to do their best to make a design look quite easy and user-friendly. Have a good one and be healthy!
Alla Milievska Marketing consultant (prescription department) PJSC «Pharmak»
My sincere thanks for the quality, and most importantly, timely work being executed – materials' printing and branding of souvenirs. Besides, I do appreciate the work carried by Irina, designer, as well as for her positive thinking, ideas and concepts that have been implemented on our printed products!
Vladimir Zavhorodnyi Marketing Manager Representative office of the «Adamed Pharma» S.A. in Ukraine
It has been proved many tines: everything will be done flawlessly: following the creative path, concepts of beauty, maintaining a proper level of quality and deadlines. Best team ever which is always great to work with (smile)
Yuliia Dudnyk Marketing Manager Representative office of the «Adamed Pharma» S.A. in Ukraine
For several years we have been cooperating with the PromoSolution in the implementation of projects for the development, design and manufacture of various types of souvenir and printed products. During the implementation of our projects, PromoSolution proved to be a high professional with qualified personnel who use a non-standard approach. The company quickly and efficiently solves our tasks with a loyal pricing policy. We want to note that each task is solved with a deep understanding of our interests and priorities. Successful experience of cooperation allows us to recommend the PromoSolution company as a conscientious and reliable partner.
Kristina Krivosheina Head of Communications and Public Relations Swiss pharmaceutical company Asino in Ukraine and the CIS
Очень порадовала готовность найти нестандартный вариант сувениров. Первоначальное предложение сразу отличалось от стандартного набора. По дополнительному запросу было также много вариантов, которые не предлагал больше никто. Супер! Молодцы!
Белецкая Людмила продакт-менеджер ТОВ «Асино Украина»

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